Qld police raid dingo activist & writer

Qld police raid dingo activist & writer

Queensland police have raided the house of an activist who has publically criticised the Queensland government’s dingo management polices, the Gympie Times reports.

Jennifer Parkhurst’s house was raided yesterday at 7am, and was searched by police for six hours.

Her crime?

She is suspected of photographing and otherwise interacting with dingoes without departmental permission on an unspecified date.

That’s right. She took a photo… of a dingo.

It would be funny if it wasn’t so disturbing. Perhaps Anna Bligh should include dingo-photograhers in her proposed new bikie laws?

In fact, surely dingo-photography is a terrorist act? Wont someone protect us from the Bin Laden of the animal world??

Apparently, under Queensland laws it is illegal for anyone, including news media, to take pictures for gain without government permission. The recording of the activities of Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service officers is also specificially prohibited.

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